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My ABC’s was designed to teach the letters of the English language alphabet. It is great for teachers of all subject areas including ELA, speech, technology, science, and more! TCC21 uses it in the computer classroom to help create Internet Research assignment and ideas using the pictures inside the book. One great Internet Research assignment is the one on apples! Visit and follow us on YT to great Teacher Assignments and ways to use this book in your classroom!


Wendy Todoric is a full-time teacher and YouTuber who loves helping her students in subjects like English, math, science, technology, and more! She is a certified Business teacher, Technology teacher, and Work Based Learning Coordinator as has certifications and licenses in Real Estate, Administration, and Business. She loves incorporating other content areas in the computer classroom and enjoys collaborating with other teachers to help not only her own learners but learners from other classrooms around the world. Her entrepreneurial spirit is contagious as many of her students are inspired to reach their goals

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